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Welcome to Katie Weightman’s Sunrider Products Website! Katie is a health and wellness coach and offers training and nutrition consultations to all her clients. Click here to try Sunrider’s Calli tea and get a free phone consultation with Katie.

Sunrider is a Health and Wellness Company owned and operated by Dr. Tei-fu Chen and his wife Dr. Oi-Lin Chen. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is a world-renowned herbalist with a degree in pharmacy and his wife Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed medical doctor and President of Sunrider International. They started the company in 1982, and have grown internationally.

You may ask, “If Sunrider is so great, why haven’t I heard of Sunrider before, and why can’t I buy their products in stores?” The reason is that Sunrider depends on word of mouth advertising and provides a business opportunity for people who wish to share Sunrider with others. This creates a great opportunity for people who enjoy using the products and wish to earn an income from home.

Dr. Chen has created many top-of-the-line products, which include concentrated “live” foods and beauty products. The 3 “live” whole food products that many customers start with are Nuplus, Quinary, and Calli tea. These can be considered the “Foundation Products” of Sunrider. They Nourish, Balance, and Cleanse the body. These 3 foods are all you really need, but depending on your condition, you may wish to include other items at a later time.

All of the health food products are:
• Whole foods
• Highly concentrated
• “Live”
• Organic
• Chemical-free
• All-natural
• Safe for everyone!

Sunrider’s whole food health products provide a NATURAL and REAL source of SUSTAINED ENERGY. This is different from the energy you receive from caffeine—a “high” followed by a “low.”

See for yourself why Sunrider is “Simply the Best!”

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 Check Out Some of Sunrider’s Healing Whole Food Products:

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