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What is Sunrider?

Sunrider products are food grade herb concentrates (Non-medicinal). These natural, whole foods Nourish, Balance, & Cleanse the body at the cellular level. They are Organic and Chemical-free.

What is the principal behind Sunrider?

When you feed the body the right combinations of whole, natural foods, you can achieve optimum well-being. This is the Philosophy of Regeneration. It’s very simple. When the body is balanced, it works better…and you feel better!

Why not just eat fruits & vegetables?

Our produce is force-grown in depleted soils, sprayed with toxic chemicals, shipped for miles and stored for months. It’s impossible to eat or “juice” enough fresh fruit and vegetables, anymore, to get all your body’s daily requirements. Plus, Sunrider saves time and “guess-work.” Sunrider has ALL the whole, living nutrition you need each day- QUICK & EASY.

What is the basic program?

Sunrider formulas are conveniently packaged in powders, liquids, capsules, and delicious bars.

NOURISH- Nuplus, a whole food concentrate to nourish the whole body and improve energy.

BALANCE- Quinary, a system-specific concentrate to nourish the major systems of the body: Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Endocrine, and Immune.

CLEANSE- Calli or Fortune Delight, herbal beverages to assist the body’s cleansing processes.

What makes Sunrider unique?

CONCENTRATION: Sunrider is powered and concentrated for quick, easy absorption.  11 pounds of food are concentrated ino ½ a pound of product.  Exclusive enhancement techniques add quality and power to the products.  Sunrider is the LEADER in state-of-the art technology.

FORMULATION: Sunrider’s exclusive formulas are the “right combinations” of foods.  They are efficient and effective.  Meticulous processing and quality control ensure an unparalleled product.  Sunrider maintains full control of the purity and quality of it’s products—from beginning to end.  There is No other product that compares to Sunrider!

How soon will I feel the benefits of Sunrider?

That depends on your body. Some people feel results immediately; others need more time. The body takes care of the most serious challenges first.  The common benefits reported are a higher energy level and a sense of well-being. Just eat the foods and let your body do the work.

If I only wish to take One Sunrider Product, which one should I take?

Nuplus.  Nuplus is a complete balance of “Supreme Nourishment” for your Body.

Is Sunrider for ME?

YES. Sunrider is Pure, Premium Fuel for Your Body!

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