Calli Tea is Not Just aTea!

Sunrider’s Calli tea is more than tea; It’s actually a Food!

The tea leaves contain whole food herbs.  Each of the herbal ingredients are sprayed on layer upon layer, one ingredient at a time.

Many other herbal teas are simply chopped up herbs packaged in tea bags and without the concentration of Calli.

calli teaThis tea is alkaline and doesn’t contain the tannic acid and caffeine that many other teas contain.  Calli is such a great energizer, some people insist that it must have caffeine.

If you are looking for a delicious caffeine-free drink with a natural energy boost, you’ve got to try Calli tea!


Replace Your Sodas and Coffee with Fortune Delight!

Looking for a delicious healthy drink without the extra sugar and fake sweeteners?  Well I got one for you!  It’s Fortune Delight with a  squirt of SunnyDew.

Fortune Delight has to be one of Sunrider’s most popular products.  It’s an amazingly healthy drink that is delicious!  Pick your flavor: peach, rasberry, lemon, cinnamon, and regular.  (Peach is my favorite)

Fortune Delight cup

I like it this way…

2 packets of Peach Fortune Delight to about 8-10 ounces of water and a squirt of SunnyDew.

If you are having trouble cutting out unhealthy beverages, Fortune Delight is an amazing replacement!


The Healthiest All-Natural, Zero calorie, Nutritious Sweeteners!

What are the two healthiest Zero-calorie sweeteners you can buy?    

Sunectar and SunnyDew!

Both are made from Stevia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower.

  • They are, by far, the most concentrated Stevia products anywhere.
  • Sunectar has a sweet “licorice~brown sugar” flavor, and SunnyDew tastes more like sugar.  There is No bitter after-taste!
  • They both come in liquid form.
  • Very Concentrated- Sunrider takes 2,500 gallons of herbal liquid to make 20 gallons of SunnyDew!!
  • Reports have been made about it’s effectiveness in helping to regulate blood sugar.
  • Sunrider’s stevia is grown without pesticides, and has not been genetically modified.
  • The Stevia liquids are formulated with No Alcohol or preservatives. Sunnydew

The natural herb (Stevia) contains tannic acid naturally occurring in the stem of the plant.  Dr. Chen, with his enhancement and concentration process, is able to  eliminate this and any other negative ingredient that naturally occurs in the Stevia herb.

The Sunectar is darker in color because it contains chlorophyll, which actually makes it healthier than SunnyDew (Although, SunnyDew is still a very healthy product).


* Add 1-3 drops of either sweetener to a cup of Calli tea, Fortune Delight, or any other product you wish.

* The sweeteners enhance the benefits of all the Sunrider products, so don’t be afraid to add more drops if you like your food or drinks sweeter!


Here are some Reported benefits of Sunrider’s sweeteners:

  • Nourishes the Liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, and digestive system
  • Helps relieve mental, emotional and physical fatigue
  • Improve the ability of the body to burn fat
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • More consistent blood pressure
  • Improve Muscle density
  • Better and faster muscle recovery after exercise
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-yeast
  • Topical skin care- healing agent
  • Zero calories

What Your Body needs to get Well (and Lose that Extra FAT in the process!)

Our bodies need a Variety of different whole foods to function optimally.  There’s not just one food or a handful of foods that can give your body what it requires to heal itself.  A wide variety is important. 


The problem nowadays is that we simply cannot eat enough whole foods to receive all the nutrients our bodies need.  This is why CONCENTRATION is SO IMPORTANTSunrider makes the most Concentrated whole foods on the planet.


There are strong advocates of Vitamin supplements, for the reason that we cannot get enough nutrition from our food.  Although vitamin supplements might seem like the logical OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsolution to this malnourishment dilemma, it is not the Best answer.  Our bodies prefer real, whole, live food from the ground, in it’s natural state!


* Examples of healthy whole foods  are: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and herbs.  Foods that have been overly processed and refined are no longer considered whole foods.  Some examples would be ice cream, chips or pastries.


What about Juicing??  Juicing is a great way to get more nutrition out of your fruits and veggies.  The only problem with juicing, is that you are not getting the enormous variety of plants that Sunrider foods offer.  When you juice, you may only add 2-5 different fruits and veggies to your juicer.  Sunrider’s Quinary contains 48 Different plant food herbs Now that’s variety!


BOTTOM LINE: Sunrider makes it SO MUCH EASIER to regain health and lose the bulge!







“Athletes, this is the Recovery Drink You’ve Been Looking for!”

Sunrider pics 2013 009

Are you a Cross-Fit or P90x junkie?  Maybe a body builder? Or possibly a mom or dad trying to shed those extra pounds that have piled on over the years? 


Well, it’s a shame you probably haven’t heard about this Drink before.  It’s called NuPlus


It comes in a powder form, made of a Super Concentrated Blend of Whole Food Herbs One of the many benefits of NuPlus is it’s wonderful aid to the body in Building Lean Muscle Mass.


STOP wasting your money on cheaply made recovery drinks in the vitamin stores.  They are isolated chemicals and the body DOES NOT PREFER them.  They are UNNATURAL. 


Vitamin companies make a lot of money selling you on this crap.  Most people’s response when I ask them What they feel from taking their isolates is “Uh, I don’t know. I think it’s helping. I can’t really tell.” 


I think the reason people keep buying this stuff is because of the ads everywhere and Personal Trainers telling them it’s what they need to see the best results.

The body knows how to use WHOLE FOODS.  Whether you’re training for an endurance event, sport, or just trying to look more fit and energized, You’ve got to have NuPlus!



* Quicker recovery time between training sessions

* Decreased soreness

* Build More Lean Muscle

* Burn More Fat

* Feel More Energized


Some other Benefits…

* Completely Natural

* No Pesticides

* Whole foods

* No Fillers

* The most Concentrated Whole Food Product You’ll find!


Looking for Clearer Skin AND Hormonal Balance?

Aside from Sunrider’s basic Foundation Foods: Nuplus, Quinary, and Calli tea; Beauty Pearl is also one of my FAVORITES!  Beauty pearl was originally developed for the Empress of China as a tonic to preserve youth and beauty.  Beauty pearls provide nourishment for the body to promote mental and emotional stability.

Beauty Pearl

Women have reported relief from PMS symptoms and Hot flashes

Men report feeling more centered and able to deal with anger and depression.

Men and women have also experienced clearer skin!  (improvement in Acne and other hormone related skin conditions).


These Ingredients are Exclusive to Beauty Pearl:

Korean Ginseng– benefits the nervous system, reproductive glands, and hormone production.

Royal Jelly– produced by the “worker bees” and is extremely beneficial to the skin with proven healing and regenerative properties.  The extract contains 18 amino acids, pantothenic acid, B vitamins and numerous minerals.

Pearl-- “actual pearl” is formed into a liquid extract (special process exclusive to Sunrider), which provides an excellent source of calcium.

Beauty pearl is also rich in Hyaluronic acid  and contains Chrysanthemum flower extract.  Hyaluronic acid serves as an amazing moisturizer to the skin and body.  Chrysanthemum flower works most completely when mixed with herbs and is widely used as a tea.  It is know for its anti-infection, anti-inflammatory and blood-purifying properties.

I can attest to Beauty Pearl dramatically improving my PMS!!!  One pearl a day is usually sufficient for me, but on days when I  am really feeling irritable, I will pop 3 at a time and then 2-3 more, later in the same day.  It doesn’t take long to kick in!  I LOVE IT!

I often think how unfortunate it is for those suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and other hormonal problems because THEY DON’T KNOW about this natural product that allows the body to balance emotions!

I often joke how Beauty Pearl saves marriages because of the profound impact it has on men and women’s emotional well-being (including my own)!

By the way, Beauty Pearl is COMPLETELY SAFE to take with medications.  In fact, many Sunrider customers who were taking anti-depressants have weaned themselves off their meds completely.


** This information is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or imply treatment.  If you have a medical condition, consult a physician.