Can I Give Sunrider to My Pet??


I’ve heard many success stories about very sick pets.  Fellow “Sunriders” have saved thousands of dollars in vet bills by feeding their pets (dog, cat, horse, etc.) the basic Sunrider Foundation foods: NUPLUS, QUINARY, & CALLI tea.

I’ve fed my German Shepherd, Brody the basic foods on two different occasions when he hurt his front paw.  He  recovered 100% in a very short time.

If you would like to hear specific examples, please email me!

You Need to View Sunrider with Fresh Eyes

I can’t stress enough why Sunrider must be viewed with Fresh Eyes. There are sooo many health products out there, and trust me, I know it is Overwhelming.   But…I’m going to be completely straight forward and honest when I say that Sunrider is “Simply the Best!”  If you have never met me before, you will just have to trust me and see what I mean.

Below are 6 Reasons Why Sunrider is unlike any Health Product in the WORLD!

1.) Owner Expertise~ Dr. Chen has a working knowledge of 1,000 different whole food herbs.  He is a Master Herbalist and Pharmacist.  He and his wife, Oi-Lin (Medical Doctor) started the company 30 years ago.

2.) Manufacturing~ Dr. Tei-fu and Oi-Lin Chen manufacture the products themselves, which is EXTREMELY RARE to find.  This means that they can ensure the Highest Quality that they desire.  Nowadays, you don’t need to know anything about vitamins/nutrition to put your name on something.  All you have to do is tell an outside manufacturor what kind of supplement you want and they make it (of course using the cheapest methods to manufacture it).  This is just ridiculous to me!

3.) Concentration~ To make 1 pound of Nuplus, you need 8-10 of raw materials…WOW!

4.) Whole Foods, NOT Chemicals/Isolates~ Individually sold vitamin/mineral supplements are Useless to Your body, because they are “dead” chemicals.

5.) Food Herbs, NOT Medicinal Herbs~ Whole Food Herbs WORK WITH THE BODY so that the body does its “Work” Much more efficiently.  Medicinals, on the other hand interfere with the way your body functions.  They are NOT meant to help your body “Correct” the problems.  You cannot find Whole food products containing whole food herbs in health food stores.  Examples of Medicinal herbs that you will find in Health food stores: valerian, black cohosh, red clover, st. john’s wort, white willow bark.  * Medicinal herbs are meant only for treating symptoms & for short term use.  Taking medicinals over a long period of time can cause harmful effects. I think many people are Not aware of this.

6.) REGENERATION~ The Sunrider foods help the body do what it is designed to do:  Regenerate & Heal itself! And it does an INCREDIBLE Job at doing that!

The Most Popular Skin care Products…

I just attended the Sunrider Grand Convention this weekened, and it was wonderful!  During one of the sessions at the convention, different Sunrider consumers talked about which skin care products were their favorite. 

The answers that were regularly repeated were the “Oi-lin Eye Cream” and the “Oi-Lin Exceptional Cream.”  Another answer that came up was the “Oi-Lin Warm facial scrub” (which is my favorite). 

* The “Oi-lin Warm facial scrub” is like getting microdermabrasion done on your skin, but the difference is that YOU SAVE TONS OF MONEY using the facial scrub and it does not scratch the skin.  In addition, you can use the facial scrub daily. (You only need a small amount).

I use the facial scrub 1-2x a day, and I love how it greatly improves the appearance of my skin.  It has diminished the size of my pores, brightened my face, and my skin feels so smooth!

All of Sunrider’s skin care products are the Absolute Highest Quality products you can get.  So, is it any wonder that they work so beautifully?

Why You can Afford Sunrider

If Health is a top priority of yours, then You can afford Sunrider.  If someone says they cannot afford Sunrider, it really just means that they would rather put their money toward something else. 

You have to make a choice about whether or not your health is going to be a high priority in your life.  Once you make that decision, you will see how you can change your life.

I’m going to give you an example of my sister’s prior spending habits on eating and drinking out, and show you how much money she could put towards Sunrider without increasing her budget.  She always thought she couldn’t afford Sunrider until she realized how much money she was spending on going out.

1 Grande (Medium) Starbuck’s White Mocha……………..$3.95………………………4x a week

6″ Turkey Sandwich from Subway or other fast food meal………$6.00 to $8.00………..5x a week

Karlie spent approximately $64.00 a month on Starbuck’s

…and about $140.00 a month on Eating out ($7 per meal x 5 days/wk = $35/wk)

($35/wk x 4 weeks in a month) = $140

Her total spending on Starbuck’s and “Eating out” comes to $204.00 a month!

[This total of $204.00 doesn't include the alcoholic drinks on the weekend.  ;-) ]

If she put less than 1/4 or more of that money towards Sunrider, she could easily afford Sunrider by just cutting back a little on her fast foods and drinks.

One way to afford Sunrider’s Calli tea is replacing your coffee with 1 bag of Calli tea.  Once bag of Calli tea makes SEVERAL CUPS of tea, so it is extremely affordable.  By this simple action, you are doing your health a huge favor!

Sunrider WINS BrandLaureate Award!

On March 23, 2011 Sunrider was awarded the “BrandLaureate Award”  for…

Product Branding Best Brands in Manufacturing—Premier Herbal Products.”

This annual recognition event is organized by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation—the only branding foundation in the world—which has a main objective of “defining and raising industry standards for brand excellence in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific.” The black-tie awards event put on by the Foundation recognizes “the best brands from multinational companies, large corporations, and public-listed and government-linked companies in Malaysia and the world.”

The president of the BrandLaureate, Dr. KK Johan, gave a speech highlighting the importance of creating brands that reach new horizons in increasing market share, creating new trends, and building brand communities. Dr. Johan congratulated the winners of the BrandLaureate Award, expressing how they (Doctors Mr. and Mrs. Chen) set the benchmark for brand excellence.


My Thoughts…

To me, this is so wonderful to see Drs. Mr. & Mrs. Chen receive this award!  This award is so well deserved by the Chen’s.  They work extremely hard to provide us with the most effective and highest quality health foods and products.  So many people, including myself are forever grateful for what Sunrider’s amazing foods have done for their health and life!