Sunrider Foods and My Pregnancy

Hi Ladies! I want to share with you my pregnancy story and the enormous help that the Sunrider foods can be for you and your baby during and after your pregnancy.

I had been doing Sunrider for one year when I got pregnant.  My health issues were a real challenge for six years prior to starting SunriderI was lucky to have one year of “Regeneration” (repairing and healing) in my body from Sunrider before getting pregnant, which I believe really helped prepare my body for the demanding task of carrying a baby.

At the time I found out I was pregnant, I was taking 3 Nuplus, 3 packets of Quinary, 2 Calli tea bags daily, along with Sunrider’s Sunectar sweetener, and 1-3 Beauty pearl a day. This amount of Sunrider is what I felt I needed for energy, stamina, and balance.  But of course, everyone’s body is at a different health state, so your body may be okay with less or may require more.

The first month of pregnancy was great, but the second month I felt nausea and upset stomach off and on.  I never threw up and only missed a few hours of work (instructing my fitness classes).  After the second month I felt pretty good.  I noticed feeling low on energy, so I increased my Nuplus intake to 4 packets a day.

As my pregnancy progressed, I could feel the demands placed on my body from my growing baby, so I decided to increase my nuplus to 6 packets a day: 2 before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In addition to the 3 packets of Quinary, I also added 3 packets of Alpha 20C, which supports the immune system.  (The 5 herbal formulas in Quinary include: Alpha 20C, Prime Again, Lifestream, Assimilaid, and Conco.) Sometimes I would take as much as 6 Beauty Pearl when I was having really emotional days.  I also took 4 vials of Evergreen and 4-6 packets of Peach Fortune Delight, which is great for the blood and supporting iron levels–I always had a problem with anemia, so this prevented my iron from dropping into dangerous levels.

* You may have been warned by your doctor about needing a blood transfusion if your iron drops too low.

I did NOT take Pre-natal vitamins. I know that vitamins are not what the body prefers to function optimally and to heal itself.  Had I not known about Sunrider, I would have taken pre-natal vitamins. As long as I ate plenty of the Sunrider foods, I knew there was no need for isolated vitamins and minerals.  After all, I could actually feel the positive changes in my body from taking Sunrider.

Vitamins, minerals, & other isolated supplements on the other hand NEVER improved my health.  It was one of those things that I was afraid to stop taking my vitamins even though they didn’t help my condition.  I, like many other health conscious people felt like various supplements were something I HAD TO DO if my health was important to me.  Perhaps we believe this because we hear about it frequently in many health and fitness magazines and by different  professionals in the wellness industry. (e.g. Personal trainers, health practitioners, etc.)

I can’t express enough how much these Sunrider foods helped me through my pregnancy!!

I had energy which is probably one of the biggest complaints from mothers.

• I was able to continue with my cardiovascular and strength training exercises–I just lowered my resistance and intensity.

• I had NO problem with edema.

• The only swelling I had was in my feet towards the last month.

I had NO cravings for junk, which was really helpful for me in staying at a healthy weight.

So even though my pregnancy was not 100% perfect, it really wasn’t a dreadful thing like I had imagined before finding Sunrider.

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