After Pregnancy with Sunrider

My baby girl, Keira is 51/2 months here and although I am not sleeping quite as much as I’d like, Sunrider has made it easier for me to get through my daily tasks.  I still feel alert, focused and sustained throughout the day.

I am currently taking: 4 Nuplus Original, 3-4 Quinary packets, 1 Beauty pearl, 4 packets of peach Fortune Delight, 2 Evergreen, and 2 Calli tea bags with Sunectar sweetener.

Even though I’m not carrying a baby anymore, I haven’t decreased my Sunrider foods to the amount I started with before pregnancy.  Here’s why…

1.) Lack of sleep from waking up to feed Keira.  The body requires 8 hours of sleep in order to renew and rejuvenate itself. Sleep loss means more free radicals that break down the body.  Quality nutrition helps repair the body, and although extra nutrition doesn’t replace sleep, it sure makes a difference when you can’t make that sleep up!

2.) Breast-feeding:  A nursing mother requires more nutrients.  A woman’s body is taking on “extra work” to produce milk for her baby.  Also, by consuming enough high-quality nutrition, benefits are passed onto your little one!



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