Sunrider WINS BrandLaureate Award!

On March 23, 2011 Sunrider was awarded the “BrandLaureate Award”  for…

Product Branding Best Brands in Manufacturing—Premier Herbal Products.”

This annual recognition event is organized by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation—the only branding foundation in the world—which has a main objective of “defining and raising industry standards for brand excellence in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific.” The black-tie awards event put on by the Foundation recognizes “the best brands from multinational companies, large corporations, and public-listed and government-linked companies in Malaysia and the world.”

The president of the BrandLaureate, Dr. KK Johan, gave a speech highlighting the importance of creating brands that reach new horizons in increasing market share, creating new trends, and building brand communities. Dr. Johan congratulated the winners of the BrandLaureate Award, expressing how they (Doctors Mr. and Mrs. Chen) set the benchmark for brand excellence.


My Thoughts…

To me, this is so wonderful to see Drs. Mr. & Mrs. Chen receive this award!  This award is so well deserved by the Chen’s.  They work extremely hard to provide us with the most effective and highest quality health foods and products.  So many people, including myself are forever grateful for what Sunrider’s amazing foods have done for their health and life!


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