Calli Tea is Not Just aTea!

Sunrider’s Calli tea is more than tea; It’s actually a Food!

The tea leaves contain whole food herbs.  Each of the herbal ingredients are sprayed on layer upon layer, one ingredient at a time.

Many other herbal teas are simply chopped up herbs packaged in tea bags and without the concentration of Calli.

calli teaThis tea is alkaline and doesn’t contain the tannic acid and caffeine that many other teas contain.  Calli is such a great energizer, some people insist that it must have caffeine.

If you are looking for a delicious caffeine-free drink with a natural energy boost, you’ve got to try Calli tea!


Replace Your Sodas and Coffee with Fortune Delight!

Looking for a delicious healthy drink without the extra sugar and fake sweeteners?  Well I got one for you!  It’s Fortune Delight with a  squirt of SunnyDew.

Fortune Delight has to be one of Sunrider’s most popular products.  It’s an amazingly healthy drink that is delicious!  Pick your flavor: peach, rasberry, lemon, cinnamon, and regular.  (Peach is my favorite)

Fortune Delight cup

I like it this way…

2 packets of Peach Fortune Delight to about 8-10 ounces of water and a squirt of SunnyDew.

If you are having trouble cutting out unhealthy beverages, Fortune Delight is an amazing replacement!